01. The moon is a natural [satellite] of the Earth.
02. They hooked up a [satellite] on the roof of their house, and now they can get over 700 different channels. Too bad there's still nothing good on.
03. A newly launched [satellite] is being used to observe the melting of the polar ice caps.
04. The concert was broadcast by [satellite] to over 50 different countries.
05. My dad fell off the roof, and broke his arm while trying to install our new [satellite] dish.
06. The Russians are said to be using a spy [satellite] to check on military developments in the West.
07. On February 17, 1959, Vanguard II was the first [satellite] to send weather information back to Earth.
08. Using [satellite]-surveying techniques, scientists have determined that Los Angeles, California is moving east at a rate estimated to be about one-fifth of an inch per year.
09. There are now countless [satellites] orbiting the earth for telecommunications, and other purposes.
10. [Satellite] systems are placed at medium-range altitudes, from about 8,000 to 13,000 kilometers in space.
11. Photographs of our earth taken by [satellites] help us to learn more about our planet.
12. As of 2003, there are 58 known natural [satellites] orbiting the planet Jupiter.
13. A number of Muslim countries are now using [satellite] technology to assist in moon sightings, used to determine Islamic holidays.
14. Equipped with electronic tracking devices and a [satellite] positioning system, Chinese scientists have covered 22,928 sq. km of the remote mountains of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in their search for giant pandas.
15. Saturn is known for its beautiful rings and its family of more than 30 [satellites].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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